WufWuf is a monthly joy box for dogs. Our subscribers get a surprise box every month.

WufWuf has at least 5 items. Treats, Toys, Chews, Accessories, Grooming Products.

WufWuf is also a family bringing dog owners together.

We have a monthly theme for our boxes. Some toys are produced by WUFWUF, mostly handmade and always natural.

We started with a simple idea. We're also dog owners. We realized that we never forget to feed them or go around with them.

Simply, we never forget the basic needs of them, as we all are good parents. But we may forget to buy the toys, treats for them.
It's really difficult to know which product they like.
WufWuf tests the products and selects the best for you. 

Our box has 5+ SURPRISE items valued at over  £40
Always SURPRISE, the only exception is your first month.
Here's what you'll get with your first BOX

What doesn’t? :)

Every month at least 5 items;

1 Though Toy

1 Plush Toy

1 Treat

1 Chew

1 Accessory or a surprise product

We send a diferent themed box every month. 

Just to remind again;
Always SURPRISE, the only exception is your first month.
Here's what you'll get with your first BOX

Just click here and subscribe.

We'll also need your dog's size and name to be able to send you the best items.

You may cancel anytime. But your pup won't let you :)

Yes. We have a "cancel anytime" policy.
We believe canceling must be as easy as subscribing. 

£18.90  (shipping is always free).

The items in WufWuf are valued at over £40 

Your first box ships immediately.(Next business day after subscription)
You next payment will be on 7th of the following month and next shipment will be before 15th of the month. 

You pay on 7th of the each month. 
Your box ships before 15th of the month.

Yes sure. We ask you some questions when you subscribe.
You can also update your details. 

Just send us an-email
We'll replace the item for you.
We'll send the replaced item with next month's package for FREE. 

You'll get the best British treats such as Pet Munchies, The Dog Treat Company, Lily's Kitchen or another high quality brand. 
We never use Chinese treats. 
If your dog has allergies, we customize the treats, all you need to do is letting us know while subscribing. 

If your dog has any allergies, let us know. (we ask you when you subscribe)
We'll consider your notes and send you the right treats.
For example, if your dog never eats chicken, just note that when or after you subscribe.

No. That's a big secret.
The only exception is your first month. Here's a video about your first month's box
This is what you'll get for your first month. 

We like to surprise you.
And this secret will make it more fun.

It costs at least 40 GBP
You pay only 18.90 / Month for a WufWuf box. 

No worries, just send a message, we'll reply very quickly.  or